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npj Computational Materials (2023) 9:167 ;


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Magnetism and spin-orbit coupling are two fundamental and interconnected properties of oxide materials, that can give rise to various topological transport phenomena, including anomalous Hall and anomalous Nernst effects. These transport responses can be significantly enhanced by designing an electronic structure with a large Berry curvature. In this context, rocksalt-ordered double perovskites (DP), denoted as A2BB’O6, with two distinct transition metal sites are very powerful platforms for exploration and research. In this work, we present a comprehensive study based on the intrinsic anomalous transport in cubic and tetragonal stable DP compounds with 3d-4d/5d elements. Our findings reveal that certain DP compounds show a large anomalous Hall effect, displaying topological band crossings in the proximity of the Fermi energy.

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