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Rev. Sci. Instrum. 94, 053001 (2023); doi: 10.1063/5.0146577


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We report the modification of a gas phase ultrafast electron diffraction (UED) instrument that enables experiments with both gas and condensed matter targets, where a time-resolved experiment with sub-picosecond resolution is demonstrated with solid state samples. The instrument relies on a hybrid DC-RF acceleration structure to deliver femtosecond electron pulses on the target, which is synchronized with femtosecond laser pulses. The laser pulses and electron pulses are used to excite the sample and to probe the structural dynamics, respectively. The new system is added with capabilities to perform transmission UED on thin solid samples. It allows for cooling samples to cryogenic temperatures and to carry out time-resolved measurements. We tested the cooling capability by recording diffraction patterns of temperature dependent charge density waves in 1T-TaS2. The time-resolved capability is experimentally verified by capturing the dynamics in photoexcited single-crystal gold.

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