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September 2002


Published in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 38:5 (September 2002), pp. 1979-1981. Copyright 2002 IEEE. Used by permission.
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The effects of seedlayer (SL) and preheating on the crystallographic, magnetic, and recording properties of CoCr18Pt16B4 granular perpendicular magnetic media have been investigated. For the media with Ru as underlayer, although higher preheating improves both coercivity and squareness, the media is much noisier. With introducing Ta SL, Ru (0002)/Co (0002) crystallography is greatly enhanced. High coercivity, unity squareness, and negative nucleation field are achieved even at low preheating without degrading signal-to-noise ratio. In addition, the media is magnetically stable for a wide range of recording density.

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