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July 1998


Published IEEE Trans. Magn. 34, 1991 (1998). Used by permission.


Abstract-We have studied the effects of placing Co/Pt multilayers on dysprosium-iron-garnet doped with bismuth and aluminum. The garnet was deposited by RF-magnetron sputtering and crystallized by rapid thermal annealing. The Co/Pt multilayers were then deposited by DC-magnetron sputtering. The garnet thickness was held constant at lOOO Å while the ColPt multilayer had the form of [3 Å Co/9 Å Pt]n with n ranging from 1 to 16. Coercivities of the samples ranged from about 300 to 2000 Oe. Kerr rotations were as high as 1.8° and ellipticities up to 2° depending upon the wavelength of light and the number of Co/Pt bilayers. Magneto-optic signal figures of merit are determined for several of these composite systems.

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