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December 1953


Trans. Kan. Acad. Sci., 56, 465 (1953). Copyright © 1953 by the Kansas Academy of Science. Permission to use.


In the statistical calculation of the thermodynamic properties of ideal gases the translational contribution is calculated from the Sackur-Tetrode equation, S = R1n (2π MkT)3/2 ÷ (h3 N5/2) V + 5/2 R in which S is the entropy of one mole of a gas of molecular weight M, at absolute temperature T, and volume V expressed in cubic centimeters; k is Boltzmann's constant; h is Planck's constant; N is Avogadro's number; and R is the molal gas constant expressed in the same units as those desired for S, usually cal deg1 mole1.

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