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May 1993


Published in Phys. Rev. A 47, 3775 - 3787 (1993) [Issue 5 – May 1993]. ©1993 The American Physical Society. Used by permission.


We have measured the integrated Stokes parameters of the light emitted following the impact excitation by polarized electrons of the np5 (n+1)p [5/2] 3 states in Ne (n=2), Ar (n=3), Kr (n=4), Xe (n=5), and the np5 (n+1) p[5/2] 2 state in Kr. The near-threshold linear-polarization fractions η1 were consistent with zero for all of the J=3 states measured, providing no evidence of Mott scattering. For J=2 excitation, η1 shows the clear influence of the intermediately coupled nature of the state. At threshold, the measured circular polarization η2 and linear polarization η3 for the J=3 states agree well with the LS-coupled threshold predictions. These results provide the basis for optical measurements of electron polarization.

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