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Published in Correlations, Polarization, and Ionization in Atomic Systems, (AIP Conference Proceedings, #604), D.H. Madison and M. Schulz eds. (AIP, New York, 2002). © 2002 American Institute of Physics. Used by permission.


We report on measurements of the integrated Stokes parameters of the light emitted from four well-LS coupled states of the 3p4(1D)4p manifold of Aril, following the simultaneous ionization and excitation of neutral argon by polarized electrons. As for all states, the state multipoles of J can be expanded in terms of the total orbital (L ) and the total spin (S) state multipoles. By splitting each L and S state multipole into multipoles for the core and outer electron, we have experimentally obtained for the first time the normalized integrated state multipole of rank 4 (hexadecapole moment) for the 3p4(1D) core of ArII. We will comment on the Rubin-Bederson hypothesis as it pertains to this collision system [G. Csanak et al., Comments At. Mol. Phys. 30, 165 (1994)] as well as elucidate the data analysis techniques used.

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