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Published in Physical Review Volume 4, Number 4, 15 August 1971. Copyright 1971. Used by permission.


In this paper the method of lattice statics is applied to the calculation of the atomic displacements about a vacancy in aluminum using a fifth-neighbor force-constant model for the dynamical matrix and the vacancy-host lattice interaction. The strain-field interaction energy between two vacancies is similarly calculated. The main object of this work is to demonstrate the important modifications of earlier results, obtained for a first- and second-neighbor force-constant model, when one uses the fifth-neighbor model designed to give a significantly better fit to the measured phonon dispersion curves. In particular it is demonstrated that the displacements about the vacancy continue to deviate strongly from the asymptotic elastic-continuurn values out much farther from the defect than is the case for the first- and second-neighbor model.

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