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Published in Physical Review B Volume 1, Number 6, 15 March 1970. Copyright 1970. Used by permission.


We have calculated isointensity profiles for the diffuse x-ray scattering associated with certain types of defects in Cu, Al, Na, K, Li, and a theoretical model lattice. These profiles were computed for high-symmetry planes very close to reciprocal-lattice points of the (S, 0,0), (S,S,0), and (S,S,S) type. Both cubic and double-force defects were treated. The calculations were done using a technique presented by Kanzaki for the theoretical model lattice. Kanzaki's general conclusion that cubic defects produce leminiscate profiles and that double-force defects produce ellipsoidal profiles is confirmed for all the material studied. Our profiles for the model lattice agree with those obtained by Kanzaki, except for the profiles due to a double-force defect near an (S,S,S) reciprocal-lattice point.

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