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Published in Physical Review B Volume 32, Number 3, 1 August 1985. Copyright © 1985 The American Physical Society. Used by permission.


The uniaxial-stress dependence of the incommensurate-phase-transition temperature (at 130 K) in K2SeO4 was measured along all three crystal axes by observation of the anomalies in the birefringence caused by the structure change. The results for the c-axis-stress dependence (- 17.0±0.2 K/kbar) agree with previous studies of other workers. This experiment has also provided the first direct measurements of the a-axis- and b-axis-stress dependences (+ 3.1 ±0.2 K/kbar and +7.7± 0.2 K/kbar, respectively). Also, a value of -6.2±0.3 K/kbar was calculated from these data for the dependence of the transition temperature on hydrostatic pressure. This is in agreement with hydrostatic-pressure measurements and thus confirms the reliability of the uniaxial-stress results.

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