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March 1953


Published in CEREAL CHEMISTRY 30:2 (March 1953), pp. 169-170 + plate. Published by the American Association of Cereal Chemists. Used by permission.


At a time when the technique of X-ray inspection of grains for internal insect infestation, announced almost two years ago, appears to have gained considerable currency in industries handling and processing grain, there exists the general feeling that these industries would be more receptive to any technique which would even further simplify and expedite the radiographic inspection process. To this end Kansas State College and the Picker X-Ray Corporation have engaged in a cooperative study relating to the application of the Picker-Polaroid photographic process to the determination of internal infestation in grain. This process is based on the principle of the Polaroid-Land camera and requires no darkroom or processing of film in solutions. Approximately one to two minutes after an exposure is made, a positive print can be removed from the processing box in suitable condition for examination.

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