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Army Air Forces Technical Report 4796, Army Air Forces Materiel Command, Wright Field, Dayton, OH, July 3, 1942.


Released by the Publication Board as Technical Report PB 1416. This copy of the report was digitized by the Library of Congress Copying and Duplication Services.

Listed in Bibliography of Scientific and Technical Reports, Volume 1, page 212.


These standards are to be used in connection with the Handbook for Instructions for Aircraft Designers, 8th Edition …

In the radiography of aircraft castings, markings appearing on the film may be attributed to either the condition of the castings examined, or to some details of the radiographic process entirely unrelated to the quality of the castings, These latter patterns must be recognized and related to the radiographic process so that sound castings will not be unnecessarily rejected. Radiographs must be carefully compared with the surface irregularities of the casting they represent before an attempt is made to identify and evaluate internal discontinuities. Discontinuities, or defects, lying within the body of a casting may be classified into two types according to whether or not they tend to cause local stress concentrations, and may be recognized by the following description...