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January 1988


Published by American Institute of Physics. Appl. Phys. Lett. 52, 160 (1988). © 1988 American Institute of Physics. Permission to use. Journal home page =


A new technique for producing thin films of the high-temperature perovskite superconductors, LnBa2Cu3O7-x, where Ln represents a rare-earth element, using spin-on metalorganic precursors is described. Pyrolysis of the spin-coated films, consisting of mixed metal (2-ethyl hexanoates), leads to black films up to several microns thick whose degree of orientation is a function of the processing temperature and duration. Representative films of Y Ba2Cu3O7-x on MgO begin to exhibit orientation with the c axis perpendicular to the film plane at heat treatments above 900 °C. The superconducting behavior of a highly oriented film produced at 990 °C is characterized by Tc(onset)=89 K, Tc(R=0)=77 K, and Jc=103 A cm-2 at 65 K.

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