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October 2005


IEEE Trans. on Magn., 32, 4019(1996). Copyright 1996. Permission to use.


Ag submicrometer pyramidal islands with a (100) truncated top and four (111) sidewalls were successfully fabricated on Si(100) substrates at a deposition temperature of 500/spl deg/C. The magnetization reversal of 30 nm thick Fe films grown on Ag pyramidal islands was studied by magnetic force microscopy. The magnetization reversal of Fe films was first started at the sidewalls of pyramidal islands. Then, the formation and propagation of wall-like structures were observed under a higher external magnetic field, namely 95 Oe. The magnetic domain images indicated that the Fe films grown on the sidewalls of pyramidal islands and the strength of external field played important roles on the magnetization reversal of Fe films.

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