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PSI (Personalized System of Instruction) can help students learn!

If the lecture-taught course has you meeting the students as adversaries, continually answering redundant questions, haggling over half credit for half correct answers, and generally finding your students being inhibited by the lock-step timing of a lecture course, then PSI is an alternative.

It is also the title of a film, PSI: An Alternative, that imaginatively and graphically outlines an intriguing and dynamic system for learning.

PSI (also known as the Keller Plan) is self-paced, mastery oriented, student tutored for junior college and college level instruction with classes of all sizes and at low cost. It has also been tested at the high school level.

What the students are saying about PSI:

"I was able to learn much more material and go at my own rate. My skills and attitude improved and my knowledge had depth in the PSI taught course."

"It's gratifying to find guys (proctors) who are willing to help you and not make you feel inferior In doing so."

"It was difficult to discipline myself. but it was rewarding in the end."

"It was easy to set up a learning relationship which wasn't so socially restrictive. In other words, you could relax with the proctor and learn at the same time."

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