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Published in Physical Review A Volume 28, Number 6, December 1983. Copyright © American Physical Society; used by permission.


Using the parallel-plate-capacitor method and a capacitance manometer to determine pressures, total cross sections for the production of positive and negative charges were measured for 5-4000- keV-proton impact on He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Hz, N2, CO, 02, CH4, and C02. From these, ionization and electron-capture cross sections were obtained and fitted to semi-empirical equations describing the energy dependence in terms of a few parameters. At high energies very good agreement is obtained in the comparison of the ionization cross sections to earlier proton- and electron-impact measurements and with theoretical treatments where they are available, but discrepancies exist for some targets at low energy. Above 10 keV the electron-capture cross sections are in agreement with earlier work for all the targets except CO and CH4 for which they are (20-40)% higher.

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