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Published in Physical Review A Volume 40, Number 7, October 1, 1989. Copyright © American Physical Society; used by permission.


Cross sections for the ejection of electrons, differential in the angle and energy of emission, were measured for proton collisions with two molecular gases, oxygen and carbon dioxide, over the primary energy range of 7.5-150 keV and an angular range of 10° to 160°. The energy distributions, obtained by integration over the angle, were fitted by an analytical model. A discrepancy in the angular distributions compared to those of Gibson and Reid [J. Phys. E 17, 1227 (1984); J. Phys. B 19, 3265 (1986); Radiat. Res. 112, 418 (1987); Australian Atomic Energy Commission Report No. AAEC/E659, 1987 (unpublished)] is discussed. At energies up to 50 or 100 keV, the angular distributions were found to be largely independent of the ejected electron energy and very similar for different targets.

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