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December 1996


Published in Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific 108: 1105-1111 (December 1996). Copyright © 1996 Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Used by permission.


Photometric observations have been made of 36 stars classified as CST or CST: in the General Catalogue of Variable Stars. Six of these stars are found to vary and three others were deemed possible variables. Of the certain variables, two (MR Her and TY Sge) are red pulsators, one (V1585 Cyg) is a rapid irregular variable, one is apparently a short period Cepheid-strip star (V432 Oph), one is an eclipsing binary (AQ Boo), and one is of uncertain type (V351 Cyg). The stars we have observed as MR Her and TY Sge are the same ones which were identified on finding charts in the discovery papers, suggesting that these stars have intervals of variability and intervals of quiescence. V432 Oph is of special interest because our photometry indicates that it may be either a double mode Cepheid or a peculiar long-period RR Lyrae star depending on which of a couple of possible periods turns out to be correct.

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