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February 2007


Published in The Astronomical Journal, 133:665-675, (2007 February). Copyright 2007 The American Astronomical Society. Used by permission.


We have obtained VR photometry of 205 Cepheid variable star candidates that were discovered in a small section of the Northern Sky Variability Survey. Given their locations and apparent magnitudes, any stars in this sample that are Cepheids are very likely to be type II Cepheids. On the basis of the regularity of variation, revised periods, light-curve morphology, slope of the color-magnitude relation, and color, we have identified 97 probable Cepheids and 17 possible Cepheids. While some of the photometric properties, particularly the colors, are consistent with the identification of these stars as Cepheids, the amplitudes are small compared to known type II Cepheids and the period distribution does not match that of known type II Cepheids.

Three supplemental data tables are attached as supplemental files.

AJ Feb2007-Table 1.pdf (34 kB)
Table 1: Program Stars (6 pages)

AJ Feb2007-table 2.pdf (92 kB)
Table 2: Photometric Data (60 pages)

AJ Feb2007-table 3.pdf (34 kB)
Table 3: Light Curve Parameters (5 pages)

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