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Published by American Institute of Physics. J. Applied Physics 67, 5725 (1990). ©1990 American Institute of Physics. Permission to use.


The results of structural and magnetic measurements on a series of films produced by cosputtering Pr21Fe72B7 and Pr are reported. The materials were deposited serially, 10–200 Å at a time, onto 700 °C Ta substrates attached to a computer-controlled stepping motor. The structure of the resulting films was examined by large- and small-angle x-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, and by microprobe analysis. Magnetic measurements were made at temperatures from 4.2 to 300 K, in fields up to 80 kOe in a vibrating sample magnetometer. The films appear to consist of 1-µm grains of Pr2Fe14B with their c axes oriented perpendicular to the film plane, surrounded by a Pr-rich phase. The maximum room-temperature coercivity discovered so far is almost 20 kOe, which is close to the values reported for bulk Pr2Fe14B magnets. Journal of Applied Physics is copyrighted by The American Institute of Physics.

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