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Published in Microsc Microanal 15(Suppl 2), 2009. Copyright 2009 Microscopy Society of America. Used by permission.


The reason for the enormous interest in nanomaterials is because they display unique and superior properties that are generally unavailable in conventional macroscopic materials. Gleiter and coworkers [1] first generated a novel solid structure with gas-like disorder, in addition to long-range order (crystalline and quasicrystalline solids) and short-range order (amorphous/glassy solids). Inert-gas condensation (IGC) is a well established nanoparticle production technique [2-4]. Figure 1 shows an IGC system equipped with magnetron sputter source and mass selector that was used in the present work. The ability to control the process parameters to fabricate metal nanoparticles with tailored size, shape, and properties is important for research in this area.

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