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Published by IEEE; IEEE Trans. Mag. 35, 3241 (1999). ©1999 IEEE. Permission to use.


Several systems of nanocomposite thin films have been prepared by plasma sputtering and heat treatment. By choosing suitable multilayer structures of the as-deposited films and subsequent heat-treatment processes, the nanostrnctures of the films have been tailored. The thermal processing is the key to control the morphology. Appropriate heat-treatment processes have been found for the systems studied, which result in the desired nanostructures. For the first time a nearly ideal nanostructure with the soft-phase grains embedded homogeneously in the hard phase gralns has been obtained for the FePt-Fei.,Pt,(x-0.3) system. Effective intergrain exchange coupling has been realized. As a consequence, high energy products up to 50 MGOe have been achieved.

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