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November 1994


Published by Am Inst of Physics. J. Appl. Phys. 76 (1994) 7059-7064. Copyright 1994. Permission to use.


Micromagnetic calculations are used to investigate coercivity and energy products of magnets consisting of an aligned hard-magnetic skeleton phase and a soft-magnetic phase with high saturation magnetization. Compared to the present-day theoretical limit of 516 W/m3 for single-phase Nd2Fe14B, the energy product in suitable nanostructured Sm2Fe2N3/Fe65Co35 composites is predicted to be as high as 1090 kJ/m3. The influence of the skeleton’s texture and shape is discussed, and aligned nanocrystalline two-phase magnets are compared with remanence-enhanced isotropic magnets. In particular, it is shown how the nucleation-based analytical approach breaks down in the isotropic limit. Finally, we outline conceivable processing methods and discuss potential applications of “megajoule” magnets.

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