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May 1993


Published by Am Inst of Physics. J. Appl. Phys. 73 (1993) 6934-6936. Copyright 1993. Permission to use.


The crystal-field in Sm2Fe17N3- δ and Sm(Fe11Ti)N1- δ due to interstitial nitrogen has been investigated. Intrinsic parametrization in the superposition model allows separation of the crystal field created by a neighboring nitrogen atom from a purely geometrical factor, which is different for Sm2Fe17N3- δ and Sm( Fe11Ti) N1- δ Using published magnetic data, values for the intrinsic parameter A2 per nitrogen atom of A2=200± 60 Ka0-2 and A2=270±60 Ka0-2 for Sm2Fe17N3- δ and Sm(Fe11Ti)N1- δ, respectively, are obtained. Because of charge penetration, which is discussed in the form of an explicit crystal-field weight function, it is not possible to interpret A20 or à 2 as crystal-field parameters independent of the 4f ion.

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