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Published by American Physical Society. Phys. Rev. D 71, 071104(R) (2005). Copyright © 2005 American Physical Society. Used by permission.


We report on a search for pair production of first-generation scalar leptoquarks (LQ) in pp̅ collisions at √s = 1.96 TeV using an integrated luminosity of 252 pb-1 collected at the Fermilab Tevatron collider by the D0 detector. We observe no evidence for LQ production in the topologies arising from LQL̅Q̅ → ℯqℯq and LQL̅Q̅ → ℯqνq, and derive 95% C.L. lower limits on the LQ mass as a function of β, where β is the branching fraction for LQ → ℯq. The limits are 241 and 218 GeV/c2 for β = 1 and 0.5, respectively. These results are combined with those obtained by √s = 1.8 TeV, which increases these LQ mass limits to 256 and 234 GeV/c2.

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