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Published by American Physical Society. Phys. Rev. D 76, 072007 (2007) Copyright © 2007 American Physical Society. Permission to use.


A measurement of the top quark pair production cross section in proton antiproton collisions at an interaction energy of √s= 1.96 TeV is presented. This analysis uses 405 ± 25 pb-1 of data collected with the D0 detector at the Fermilab Tevatron Collider. Fully hadronic tt̅ decays with final states of six or more jets are separated from the multijet background using secondary vertex tagging and a neural network. The tt̅ cross section is measured as σ tt̅= 4.5-1.9+2.0(stat)-1.1+1.4(syst) ± 0.3(lumi) pb for a top quark mass of mt =175 GeV/c2.

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