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March 1992


Chapter to appear in Many-Body Theory of Atomic Structure and Photoionization, edited by Tu-nan Chang (World Scientific Publishing Co., Singapore, 1992). Copyright © 1992 World Scientific Publishing Co. Used by permission.


The purpose of this chapter is to review the use of the adiabatic hyperspherical approximation for the quantitative calculation of single- and multiphoton cross sections of two-electron systems. In Section 2 we provide a brief general orientation to the hyperspherical coordinate representation, the adiabatic approximation, and a diabatic approximation for treating strongly avoided crossings between adiabatic potential curves. In Section 3 we review applications to photoionization and photodetachment processes in He, Be, H, and Ps. In Section 4 we review applications to multiphoton processes in H. Finally, in Section 5 we assess the adiabatic hyperspherical approximation and discuss future prospects for going beyond this approximation.

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