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Published in Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular And Optical Physics 45 (2012), 081001 (6 pp); doi: 10.1088/0953- 4075/45/8/081001 Copyright © 2012 IOP Publishing Ltd. Used by permission.

Submitted February 11, 2012; published March 15, 2012, online at


Resonant enhancements are predicted in cross sections σn for laser-assisted radiative attachment or electron–ion recombination accompanied by absorption of n laser photons. These enhancements occur for incoming electron energies at which the electron can be attached or recombined by emitting μ laser photons followed by emission of a spontaneous photon upon absorbing n + μ laser photons. The close similarity between rescattering plateaus in spectra of resonant attachment/recombination and of high-order harmonic generation is shown based on a general parametrization for σn and on numerical results for e−H attachment.

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