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PHYSICAL REVIEW B 87, 224108 (2013)


Used by permission.


Reflection and transmission as a function of temperature (7–300 K and 5–300 K respectively) have been measured on single crystals of the multiferroic compound FeTe2O5Br utilizing light spanning from the far infrared to the visible. The complex dielectric function and other optical properties were obtained via Kramers-Kronig analysis and by fits to a Drude-Lortentz model. Analysis of the anisotropic excitation spectra via Drude-Lorentz fitting and lattice dynamical calculations have led to the observation of 43 of the 53 modes predicted along the b axis of the monoclinic cell. The phonon response parallel to the a and c axes are also presented. Assignments to groups (clusters) of phonons have been made and trends within them are discussed in light of our calculated displacement patterns.