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Published in The Quarterly Review of Biology. Volume 79, Issue 2, Pages 207–208, June 2004. Copyright © 2004 University of Chicago Press. Used by permission.


The molecular biology of plant-bacterial interactions is a field that continues to provide a wealth of information in the context of infectious diseases of plants. Thus, it is curious that few textbooks on this topic are available. Admittedly, active areas of research change rapidly, and book content can be rendered obsolete prior to publication. Even given this scenario, a textbook that summarizes the development (both conceptually and experimentally) of research strategies, the status of model systems, and future issues is needed. Thus, the timing and need for this broad-based volume, which covers the molecular phytobacteriology, is long overdue. An important question is whether such a book is sufficiently comprehensive, even though it will not be completely up to date. Importantly, the author does a very good job in covering the major areas and issues in question.