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Published in Journal of Nematology (1991) 23(2):243-248. © The Society of Nematologists 1991; Used by Permission


The influence of plant resistance on the size of individual root-knot nematodes was determined in greenhouse experiments. Five genotypes of alyceclover were inoculated with second-stage juveniles of Meloidogyne incognita race 3 or M. arenaria race 1. Plants were harvested at selected intervals and stained for detection of the nematodes, which were dissected from the roots. Length, width, and sagittal-sectional area of each animal were measured using an image-analysis system, and areas of nematodes in all stages were compared at different times and across alyceclover lines. Nematodes feeding on roots of resistant lines were consistently smaller than those on susceptible plants, with significant differences in growth detected after the final molt. Similar results were observed with both nematode species.