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Int J Syst Bacteriol October 1974 24:482-485; doi:10.1099/00207713-24-4-482


Copyright 1974 International Association of Microbiological Societies


A new species of Corynebacterium isolated from field corn is described. The isolates form a homogeneous group that is recognized as a new species, Corynebacterium nebraskense. The organism is characterized by orange-pig-mented colonies, inability to grow on 0.005% triphenyltetrazolium chloride agar, specific bacteriophage sensitivity, and a guanine plus cytosine content of 73.5 mol%. These and other characters differentiate this organism from other described phytopathogenic corynebacteria. The type strain of C. nebraskense is Fur-1 (= ATCC 27822 = NCPPB 2578).