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Int J Syst Bacteriol January 1991 41:172-177; doi:10.1099/00207713-41-1-172


Copyright 1991 International Union of Microbiological Societies


The proposals to reinstate Xanthomonas citri (ex Hasse 1915) Gabriel et al. 1989 and X. phaseoli (Smith 1897) Gabriel et al. 1989 are examined in terms of conventional criteria for describing new species. We suggest that the descriptions presented are insufficient in terms of modern practice for the purposes of formal classification in the genus Xanthomonas. To create guidelines for future reinstatements, the Judicial Commission of the International Committee on Systematic Bacteriology is requested to arrange for the preparation and promulgation of minimal standards for Xanthomonas. The pathovars proposed, X. campestris pv. aurantifolii Gabriel et al. 1989 and X. campestris pv. citrumelo Gabriel et al. 1989, are considered to be defective in terms of the International Society for Plant Pathology's standards for naming pathovars.