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Chapter in 2017 Crop Production Clinic Proceedings, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, pp. 193-195.


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Several diseases were important in the 2016 Nebraska corn crop and impacted yield in some areas. Many of these diseases developed as a result of extreme weather events that were favorable for disease development. Most of those diseases are caused by pathogens that are capable of survival in the crop debris or residue, and so they are more likely to develop again in future years if environmental conditions are favorable again. This article summarizes some of Nebraska’s most important corn disease problems in 2016, tips for diagnosis, and management strategies.

Bacterial Leaf Streak

Gray Leaf Spot

Southern Rust

Stalk Rot Diseases ... Scouting for Stalk Rot Diseases ... Assessing stalk rot diseases and standability ... Management

Ear Rot Diseases ... Fusarium Ear Rot ... Diplodia Ear Rot ... Penicillium Ear Rot ... Aspergillus Ear Rot