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Current Trends in Natural Sciences Vol. 7, Issue 14, pp. 194-196, 2018


Species and varieties in the Nicotiana genus may respond differently to photoperiodism in terms of flowering time control. These are classified as short day, neutral day and long day plants. One of these, Nicotiana tabacum cv. The Xanthi nc is a genotype which can flowering on a long day. But the genotype Kanamycin resistance can open its flowers in January when the resistance gene is transferred to the plant. On the other hand, the effect of rootstock to scion in plant species is very important. One of the issues raised is whether the transgenic plant in the rootstock is effect of transgen. In this study, it was aimed to determine whether flowering of the plants carrying transgenic plants are effective for flowering. In the study, control was grown without grafting, transgenic and control plants were reciprocally grafted and flowering time and plant development was recorded. According to the findings obtained, no effect of reciprocally grafted was observed in terms of flowering and plant development. However, it has come to the conclusion that it need detailed study to understand whether signal goes from rootstock to scion.