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Annual Review of Phytopathology Vol. 14, 1976


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The last review on bacteriophages and bacteriocins of phytopathogenic bacteria was that of Okabe & Goto (98). All but one (21) of the subsequent reviews (II, 12, 60, 94, 104) have dealt primarily with viruses and bacteriocins of bacteria other than phytopathogens. The most recent microbiological compendia that in­ clude bacteriophages and bacteriocins are of limited value for phytobacteriolo­ gists because the authors generally overlook or ignore such agents (29, 47, 77, 119). However, Adam's classic .book (4), the review by Bradley (II), and the bibliography of Raettig (102) are still of value to phytobacteriologists as are reviews dealing principally with methods (7, 39, 65, 66, 83, 99).