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May 2002


United States Patent Application Publication NO.: US 2002/0058340 A1.
Pub. Date: May 16, 2002.


A method is provided for gene suppression in eukaryotes by transformation with a recombinant construct containing a promoter, at least one antisense and/or sense nucleotide sequence for the gene(s) to be suppressed, wherein the nucleus-to-cytoplasm transport of the transcription products of the construct is inhibited. In one embodiment, nucleus-to- cytoplasm transport is inhibited by the absence of a normal 3' UTR. The construct can optionally include at least one self-cleaving ribozyme. The construct can also optionally include sense and/or antisense sequences to multiple genes that are to be simultaneously down-regulated using a single promoter. Also disclosed are vectors, plants, animals, seeds, gametes, and embryos containing the recombinant constructs.