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Poster, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Summer Research Symposium, August 7, 2019.

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Root genes are essential to plants as they dictate factors such as the strength of the plant, reproductivity success, etc. However, in the status quo, studies on root genes are simply ineffective. To be more specific, currently, there are very few online databases of root genes and promoters, which essentially deters root gene studies from being successful. To fix this problem, our lab constructed and coded an online database that contains information about the roots of maize, soybean, and sorghum. We collected 1200 root genes and assessed the strength and success of a given gene. This online database of these crops contains other information such as the currently existing publication of a given gene (PubMedIDS), the homologs or otherwise known as the gene sequence of a gene, and orthologs of a gene. This database is on a SQL website at . We must also understand the importance of Root Gene Promoters. Gene Promoters are a region of DNA that controls the process of transcription within a given gene. Gene Promoters are important to understand because from those we garner the process by how gene sequences change.