The Center for Plant Science Innovation is an interdisciplinary research and training program in the basic plant sciences at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Outstanding research facilities and an interdisciplinary graduate recruitment program [PSP] complement an excellent group of faculty with research strengths in several areas of plant biology research. Faculty research emphases include plant-microbe interactions, plant signaling and organellar biology, abiotic and biotic stress responses, and genomics/proteomics. The George W. Beadle Center for Genetics Research affords state of the art research facilities and an array of core facilities, including proteomics, genomics, plant transformation, microscopy, bioinfomatics and flow cytometry, to provide student and postdoctoral trainees with a phenomenal environment in which to conduct research. The plant research community at UNL allows for a host of productive collaborations and outstanding postdoctoral opportunities. These include plant breeding programs that incorporate modern technologies for crop improvement, an excellent ecology and evolution group that integrates an understanding of plant function to their natural environment, and an array of faculty investigating the food safety, environmental impact, and economic implications of agricultural biotechnology.

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