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THE BEACON is an occasional newsletter published as a service for St. Norbert College faculty by the Office of Faculty development. THE BEACON'S purpose is to serve as a medium for exchanging ideas about teaching and scholarship, and for sharing information about faculty development activities and programs .


Lampreys, Eels, and Skinks, with Small Potatoes by Phil Cochran

Faculty to Discuss Jacoby's The Last Intellectuals

''FOOD FOR THOUGHT'' Series Offers Attractive Fall Program

Notes from the Director A New Semester's Resolution

INTERNATIONAL FORUM ISAC and Killeen Chair to Co-sponsor Teach-in on South Africa

Verbal and Nonverbal Immediacy in the Classroom -or- "Stop Hiding Behind the Podium and Talk with Your Students" James W. Neuliep

New Books in the Faculty Development Resource Center

Opportunity Calendar -· Fall Semester