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Essays on Teaching Excellence: Toward the Best in the Academy (2010-2011) 22(8)

Editor: Elizabeth O’Connor Chandler, University of Chicago


Copyright 2011, Cynthia E. Tobery. Used by permission


Getting feedback early and often helps us gauge what students are learning well or less well, what they are taking away from the class, and what changes we may want to make. Assessment techniques can be used before, during, and after a class to get this feedback.

One of the goals of the Future Faculty Teacher Training Series offered through the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning is to model various instructional techniques that the participants may decide to use in their own classes. We include some type of assessment for each part of the series in addition to an overall evaluation. In this essay, I will share the assessments we use and the goals for each. Our sense is that this type of modeling communicates more completely, effectively, and persuasively the value of these assessment strategies.