Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education



Rosemary Park

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Spring 1979

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Delivered at the Fourth Annual National Conference of the Professional and Organizational Development Network, Shangri-La, Oklahoma, November, 1978.

Published in the POD Quarterly, Vol. 1, No. 1 (Spring 1979).


On this program concerned with faculty development I have been asked to speak about the past, when there was no concept of faculty development as we know it and little concern on the institution's part or on the profession's for the growth and continuing vitality of the teaching staff. It was an age of unshared authority and of free enterprise where some succeeded and others failed, and no one cared to know why.

My brief account of more than 300 years of educational history may induce a comparative euphoria, and in that sense it belongs to the end of this conference. There are, however, tucked away in the account some continuing dilemmas which should not be overlooked.