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Poster (2008). Group Treatment in a Community Setting for a Sexually Abused Child and a Non-Offending Caregiver: Case Study and Discussion Grace S. Hubel, Rosalita C. Maldonado, Poonam Tavkar, David J. Hansen, & Mary Fran Flood University of Nebraska- Lincoln.


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This study presents the case of an 11-year-old fifth grade female (Amanda) and her mother (Mrs. J) who both completed the Project SAFE (Sexual Abuse Family Education) Group Intervention. Project SAFE is a manualized group treatment for sexually abused children ages 7-16 and their non-offending caregivers developed at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Hansen, Hecht, & Futa, 1998), and delivered at a local Child Advocacy Center. Amanda experienced contact sexual abuse by her 39-year-old stepfather on multiple occasions over a 4-year period. Amanda reported symptoms of anxiety, posttraumatic stress, and fear related to the victimization. Mrs. J also reported clinically significant internalizing problems for Amanda. Mrs. J presented with stress related to her role as a parent and feelings of depression and anxiety. Both Mrs. J and Amanda completed all portions of the 12- session group protocol.

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