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June 2005


Published in Journal of Pediatric Psychology 30:7 (2005), pp. 533-535. Published by Oxford University Press. Copyright © 2005 Society of Pediatric Psychology.
Used by permission.


Since her untimely death in July of 2002, there have been two tributes to Lizette Peterson published in psychology journals. Sher and Homer (2003) provided an overview of Lizette’s history and achievements, and Roberts (2002), in the pages of this journal, reflected on her legacy to the field of Pediatric Psychology. Both are poignant remembrances by authors who held enduring and special places in Lizette’s affections. We will not seek to replicate the scope or intimacy of those portrayals, but instead to offer a brief chronology of her distinguished career and to establish a context for the articles presented in this Special Issue.