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March 1977


Published in Law and Human Behavior, Volume 1, number 2 (1977), pp. 207–216. Copyright © 1977 Plenum Publishing Corporation/Springer Verlag. Used by permission.


The major purpose of the first volume of an intended three-volume series by Samuel Yochelson and Stanton E. Samenow (1976) is to provide evidence that understanding the thought processes of chronic criminals provides the major key to understanding criminal behavior. Volumes II and III will deal, respectively, with the techniques of therapy developed for the analysis and correction of criminal thought patterns, and with the special problems of therapy with criminals who are chronic drug users. This review of Volume I is divided into three parts, the first being a review of the content and major points of the book, the second being a critique of the book in general terms, and the third being an analysis of the value of the book for potential readers with different needs and from different backgrounds.