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January 1968


Published in Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior 7 (1968), pp. 81-86. Copyright © 1968 Academic Press/Elsevier. (This journal is continued by the Journal of Memory and Language: Used by permission.


Ratings of pleasantness (PL) on a 7-point scale and of association value (a′) on a 5-point scale are reported for 101 two-syllable nouns. The ratings were obtained from two samples of 100 women each and two samples of 100 men each. Sizable differences were obtained between words on both scales. For women and men respectively, PL and a′ were correlated .570 and .585; PL and printed frequency were correlated .233 and .207; frequency and a′ were correlated .533 and .764. Women’s and men’s ratings correlated .973 for PL and .899 for a′.