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November 2005


Published in K. Liller (Ed.), Injury Prevention for Children and Adolescents: Integration of Research, Practice, and Advocacy. (pp. 283-304). Washington, DC: American Public Health Association Press, 2006. Copyright © 2006 American Public Health Association Press. Used by permission.


Although all child abuse is disturbing, the story of Little Diana represents a particularly horrific example—one involving extreme cruelty that resulted the death of a young child. While death is not the most common consequence of abuse, it is the most tragic and unacceptable outcome. What can be gleaned from this case that might prove useful in preventing similar incidents of abuse in the future? In considering this question, two factors emerge that may shed light on important directions for child abuse advocacy. These factors center around the unique challenges faced by immigrant families, and the need for increased perpetrator intervention and rehabilitation efforts within the correctional system.