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Published in PSYCHOLOGY AND AGING: NEBRASKA SYMPOSIUM ON MOTIVATION 1991, ed. John J. Berman and Theo B. Sonderegger. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 1992. Pages ix–xii. Copyright © 1992 University of Nebraska Press. Used by permission.


Through the years, the Nebraska Symposium on Motivation has reflected topics of current interest to psychologists. This year is no exception: "psychology and aging" is a subject of concern to all readers no matter what their particular psychological specialties happen to be. All of us-if we are lucky, hope that we will experience the aging process and will join (or continue our membership in) the ever increasing population of the elderly. The quantity of research in the area is growing rapidly; new ideas and theories about the aging process are far from complete and are still emerging-as will be seen in this volume of the Symposium. As happens in so many other areas of psychology, there are many myths about aging that have been perpetuated by erroneous application of "commonsense" principles. The contributors to this volume, all active and well-known researchers in the arena of aging, share state-of-the-art information about their particular areas of expertise.