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Published in Vaccine 27 (2009) 2981–2988.


Vaccines to methamphetamine (meth) were designed by covalently attaching a meth hapten (METH) to peptide constructs that contained a conformationally biased, response-selective molecular adjuvant, YSFKPMPLaR (EP54). Rats immunized with EP54-containing meth vaccines generated serum antibody titers to authentic meth, an immune outcome that altered meth self-administration. Immunization increased meth self-administration suggesting pharmacokinetic antagonism. The ability of immune sera to bind a METH-modified target protein dramatically decreased during and shortly after the meth self-administration assay, suggesting effective sequestration of free meth. However, the binding ability of immune sera to the METH-modified target protein was recovered 34 days after meth-free clearance time.