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Scott, M. L., Cole, J. K., McKay, 8. E., Golden, C. J., and Liggett, K. R., "Neuropsychological Performance of Sexual Assaulters and Pedophiles," Journal of Forensic Sciences, JFSCA, Vol. 29, No. 4, Oct. 1984, pp. 1114-1118.


Copyright © 1984 by ASTM International. Used by permission.


Persons who had been arrested for sexual assault were administered the Luria- Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery and the results compared to a group of normal controls. The sexual assaulters performed significantly worse on 7 of the 14 scales of the battery. The data were then broken down into three groups: (1) those who had forcibly assaulted postpubescent victims, (2) those subjects who had sexually molested a prepubeseent child, and (3) normal controls. A discriminant analysis correctly classified 68% of the subjects on the basis of their neuropsychological performance alone.

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